Motion Picture Film Subject Matter Expert, Memnon

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Full Time
Bloomington, IN
Apply ASAP, final decision within 3-4 weeks

Job Title
Motion Picture Film Subject Matter Expert (SME) Organization Memnon Inc. Site Location Bloomington (Indiana – USA) Reporting line Operations Manager Number of supervised employees Up to 10 Budget responsibility & financial dimensions: Not applicable

Memnon Archiving Services, a Sony Company, is a world leader in providing digitization services of audio-visual media archives. Memnon supports the owners of audio-visual collections (from broadcasters, cultural institutions to libraries and universities) and offers a wide range of services and solutions designed to digitize, restore, preserve and provide access to the audio-visual content in any format.

Memnon will start a new film digitization process. Memnon is looking for a Film SME to help put procedures in place, digitize film, and to train operators for the various tasks required for film including: preparation, scanning, postproduction, enhancement and QC.

Job Purpose
To operate film scanners and other motion picture preparation equipment, to train operators, to contribute to the ongoing refinement of procedures, to maximize productivity of operators and ensure that their work meets Acceptable Quality Levels

Key Responsibilities
Operational and technical Responsibilities:

The film SME will be responsible for:
o Film preparation
o Film cleaning
o Film scanning
o Training others

Film preparation:
o Define and implement film physical preparation procedures, and train operators for:
o Assembling of reels
o Cleaning and de-dusting films (manually)
o Checking and repairing splices when required
o Adding and replacing leader
o Audio synchronization (separate magnetic)
o Checking reading direction
o Identify various types of damage and decomposition
o Assigning reels to various workflow.
o Flag potential problems in cleaning and scanning.

o Check the calibration and configuration of the equipment: preparation tables, editing tables and other tools (splicing blades, mounting press…). On a daily basis, check that all elements of the preparation chain are working correctly.
o Monitor preparation equipment and tools so that all workstations are fully operational and any defective device is replaced immediately

o Avoid any supplies stock shortage that might slow or stop preparation:
o On a daily basis, check that the stock of supplies/consumables/material is sufficient to cover the daily work to come
o Manage stock follow-up, ordering and receipt

o Collect and consolidate all the preparation operations figures and prepare reporting for tracking and improving productivity.

o Controlling prepared films to ensure the quality of operators’ work and quickly identifying any problem in the production chain
o No more trace of glue
o Severe shrinkage
o Brittleness
o Warpage
o Flag unexpected change in format characteristics (E.g. color to black and white, mag to optical)

Film Cleaning:
o Define and implement film cleaning machine procedures, and train operators for:
o Cleaning machine use
o Cleaning products handling
o Health and safety procedures for cleaning, preparation and scanning. (for vinegar films and possible mold)

o Avoid any cleaning product stock shortage that might slow or stop cleaning
o Confirm the configuration of the equipment and organize periodic maintenance
o Check daily that all health and safety installations are in compliance (air renewal, solvents detectors…)

Film digitization (scanning):
o Scan films
o Help develop scanning procedures and train operators
o Film handling
o Base light for (lights and colors)
o Playback speed
o Audio configuration
o Basic color correction
o Cropping
o Capturing preservation metadata for XML output

o Regularly audit the calibration and configuration work performed by scanning operators; check that all elements of the ingest setup are working correctly: scanner, monitoring equipment, etc.
o Monitor scanner ingest lines so that all lines are fully operational and any defective device is replaced immediately
o Collect and consolidate all the scanning operations figures and prepare reporting for tracking and improving productivity
o On a daily basis, audit the physical status of playback devices
o Perform immediate replacement of any defective playback device
o Manage the local support functions such as the IT support, and equipment maintenance services,
o Manage other services such as logistics, shipments of equipment and spare parts.
o Administrative management

Quality Control:
o Overall responsibility: by controlling digital output files, ensure the quality of operators’ work and quickly identify any problem in the production chain.
o Special attention to be given to:
o Physical preparation
o Audio synchronization
o Speed and direction playback
o Base lights settings
o Start and end setups
o Overall quality level
o Accurate and consistent metadata capture

Support film business globally:
 Provide expertise for RFQ replies
 Provide technical feedback for the further development of solutions and workflows
 Support – kick-off and planning of film projects worldwide together with worldwide Memnon team ( including Memnon HQ in Brussels)

Team leading duties:
Overall responsibility: ensure human resources are used as efficiently as possible while acting as team leader and managing the team’s welfare
o Follow-up operators’ skills and competencies:
o Act as a coach by training operators and answering questions
o Provide training on procedures, guidance and instructions (instructions book & operating procedures) to operators
o Ensure that procedures are properly applied
o Diagnose competencies and propose changes if necessary

o Follow-up productivity:
o Check working hours versus productive hours
o Check actual production volume versus targeted volume
o Check that established working schedules are followed
o Observe working methodologies and propose possible improvements (ergonomics, workflow, process, etc.)

o Adhere to and make rules be followed: i.e.
o No change in the setup configuration
o No mobile phone
o No USB device
o No program installation
o No eating/drinking
o No data copy
o Confidentiality of materials handled

Administrative duties
Overall responsibility: ensure that Operations Manager has a clear and objective view of the studio activities and that any deviation is quickly identified
o Weekly reporting on operations and operators’ work

o Weekly efficiency reporting
o Quantities
o Reasons of production slowdown: technical problems, urgencies, level of exceptions to handle, etc.

o Manage operating procedures:
o Write operating procedures in collaboration with the Operations Manager
o Update operating procedures and specification sheets as necessary, and validate updates with the Operations Manager
o Manage training process (ensure each operating procedure is acknowledge by each operator)

Qualifications & Experience

Minimum education:
o High school education College education (bachelor degree)
o Preferred: film editing, color grading, photography
o Written and verbal fluency in English

Minimum experience:
o Several years of work in an audio-visual company as a film scanner, telecine, datacine or optical printing technician
o Experience in a similar role: both in technical and team management fields
o Preferred: hands-on experience with film formats, knowledge of the technical characteristics of film formats as well as typical problems and artifacts,
o Well-developed critical viewing and listening skills
o A knowledge of audiovisual archiving and preservation standards will be critical in communicating effectively.
o Preferred: experienced in non-linear editing and color grading

Key Competencies

o Technical: strong technical knowledge of film format characteristics
o Planning & Organization: Strong organizational skills
o Team Working: Ability to work collegially as part of a team
o Ability to engage in sustained meticulous and detailed tasks

o Passionate about resolving issues and finding suitable solutions to ensure quality and productivity is maintained.
o Self-organized, self-starter, work independently
o Very good knowledge in film handling
o Ability to handle confidential matters effectively, maintaining tact and diplomacy when required
o Can works with collections that may include content of a graphic or sensitive nature
o Team minded, enthusiastic, positive, motivates other team members
o Strong verbal and written communication skills


Please use this URL to view a PDF of the full position description,
Please send a cover letter and resume directly to Andrew Dapuzzo,
Applications will be reviewed as received. A final decision is expected within the next 3-4 weeks.

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