Digital Archivist, University of Wyoming American Heritage Center

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Laramie, WY

The Digital Archivist is responsible for the acquisition, stewardship, and discovery of archival content in digital form. They will apply core archival principles of appraisal and description to documentation which is “born digital” and ensure that archival digital content is stable, discoverable, and persistent.

Supports the academic mission of the University of Wyoming: Continue reading

Digital Asset Manager, San Francisco Symphony

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San Francisco, CA

This person is responsible for designing, implementing, and driving cross-department adoption of a system for the organized storage and retrieval of all digital content, using SFS’s digital asset management platform.   The symphony uses high-quality content to market and support delivery of its performances, to raise funds, to support public relations, and to provide educational services;  in addition, the symphony generates rich content through the recording of its performances.   Continue reading